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To provide an ideal appearance, shape, size proportioning and performance of the façade and curtain walls planned for construction, we provide various sizes of testing chambers to carry out different structural tests in accordance with APP-37 (formerly known as Practice Note for Authorized Persons - PNAP 106) from the Buildings Department (HK) and national specifications including American Standards (ASTM), British Standards (BS) and Chinese Standards (GB).

P   ASTM E283, E330, E331 & E547,

P   AAMA501.1, AAMA 501.4,

.   Buildings Department PNAP APP 37,

P   BS4357, BS5368 & BS6375,

P   GB/T15226,GB/T15227,GB/T15228,

P   GB/T7106,GB/T7107,GB/T7108,

P   GB/T18250,GB/T8484 & GB/T8485,

.   AS 4420, AS4284.

.   BSEN1288-3, BS6206, BSEN12600

We have various sizes of chambers for testing in our laboratory to fulfill the requirements of architects and designers with different sizes and shapes of façade system. 

We had constructed a multi-testing chamber such that various sizes of mock-up windows and curtain walls can be installed simultaneously. It is also equipped with high precision, computerized equipment such as air flow meters, water flow meters, pressure gauges, displacement transducers, hydraulic jacks for building movement tests and propellers for dynamic water tests.

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