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RED Consultants Limited has been established since 2004. Currently, it owns two  atmospheric boundary layer type wind tunnels in Hong Kong and is currently the sole commercial laboratory in Hong Kong providing wind tunnel testing services for buildings.  Each of the wind tunnel is about 39m long, with a test section of about 35m long, 5.4m wide and 3m high. 

All of the key staff of the RED Consultants Limited have Ph.D in civil/mechanical engineering and have considerable experience in undertaking wind tunnel test projects, which include wind load and wind pressure studies on Cyberport Residential Development Stage 12 (RV), MGM Grand Hotel, Hysan Place, Century Gateway and The Wings; environmental wind study on Galaxy Resort and Casino, The Wing, Sludge Treatment Facilities  in Tuen Mun and Centennial Campus of the University of Hong Kong; and many other projects


For a safe, effective and economical design of tall buildings, an accurate determination of wind loadings on the buildings is essential. Even though design wind loads can be found in the wind code issued by Buildings Department, they are generally conservative.

By conducting wind tunnel tests, the effects of topography, surrounding buildings, building shape and dynamic response of the building on wind flow characteristics can be investigated. As nearly all the factors affecting the wind loads on buildings will be taken account in the wind tunnel tests, it is not essential to use the conservative design wind loads specified in the wind code. The use of more accurate design wind loads based on the information obtained in wind tunnel tests is desirable.


Two models, namely Topographic model and Proximity model, will be constructed to investigate wind loads and wind pressures on the study building. The scaled wind speed will then be applied onto the structure being studied and relevant data are then measured.

The Topographic model will generally be constructed to a scale of 1:4,000, covering the area within about 5km radius of the building site, to study the topographic effects on the wind approaching to the building.

The Proximity model will generally be constructed at a scale of 1:400, including all existing buildings and geographical features located within a 500m radius of the building site, to study the wind loads and wind pressures acted on the building under the approaching wind profiles investigated by the Topographic model study.

In the studies, the wind profiles will be simulated by placing different grids, spires and roughness elements in the wind tunnel. The velocity profile and turbulence of the wind generated will be measured by a hot-wire anemometer and the wind loads and pressures on the building model will be measured by a High Frequency Force Balance (HFFB) and a high frequency pressure scanner. The corresponding wind loads and wind pressures on the prototype building can then be calculated by using the measured data, the structural properties of the building, the historical wind climate of the city at where the building site is located, and appropriate mathematical formula.

Key Staff 
Ir Dr Andrew So    Tel:(852)9041-7821 

Ir Dr. Johnny Yu    Tel:(852)9625-5828



Dr. K.M. Lam, Prof. C.W. Li,  Ir Prof. S.L. Chan
Dr. K.M. Lam is from the University of Hong Kong, Professors CW Li and SL Chan are from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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